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In the words of Owen Ashworth of electromelodic-twang outfit Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, "singing something can move you in ways that reading or even speaking something just cannot." this got me thinking. Sometimes you learn the lyrics to a song because you've heard it a million times, like "Jesus Take the Wheel" or the Family Matter's song. But you learn some songs because they move you and you can't help it. This is the case for CFTP. With lyrics altogether straightforward and likely the most poignant descriptions you've heard in a long time, Ashworth sings about moments you've experienced or can imagine experiencing like "you get impatient, go to a café, see a girl from your high school, you look away" and "crying on the cab ride home with Frank Sinatra on the radio…might as well have been Lil Kim when every song you hear reminds you of him…". He's often playing a bit of electronic keyboard, and his music is sometimes funny, often glistening with a slight sadness, and purely affecting. Read the whole conversation here.  

Empty Frames chatted with folksinger Sam Amidon about his latest effort for Bedroom Community, the richly detailed and earnest All is Well. All is Well is Sam's second album, the follow-up to 2007's But This Chicken Proved Falsehearted. To get an idea of the sound of the music, you only need to look at the cover art. It's Sam bare chested in a cowboy hat , split screened of him from front and from back. He has a red stain handprint on his heart that bleeds through to his back. He's baring himself through these songs, looking at the world in the eyes, but every song has two sides and the listener can only know the depth of them by taking a second look. We left a sample—"Wild Bill Jones", a stretching piece that has hints of Jon Brion orchestration and Iron and Wine's Creek Drank the Cradle, with Sam's voice a prettier, smoother version of Daniel Johnston at his most pared down--that displays the raw cracking quality of his voice that sculpts this and the other 9 songs on the album. Don't let this song be your only run in with this talented songster. You can visit his website Read the full album review here. Our exclusive little interview is posted here.

Download "Wild Bill Jones" here for free!

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